Schneider Water Services (SWS) is a family owned and operated drilling company that specializes in the construction and service of commercial, industrial, residential and municipal water wells. SWS currently employs five full time drillers, licensed in Oregon, Washington & Idaho, with a combined drilling experience of over 100 years. We have six drill rigs that include cable tool, air rotary, mud rotary, reverse circulation (both dual tube and conventional air assisted), and auger capabilities.

Water drilling rig backlit with sunlight
Steve Schneider, Vice-President, is the drilling division manager and has over thirty-five years continuous experience in the area of water supply including well, pump, water system and irrigation sales, design, and installation. SWS has done extensive troubleshooting and repair of wells, pumps and water systems. We specialize in construction of large capacity wells & water systems, utilizing reverse circulation in all types of formations, and construction of filter packed wells.

Equipment, Tools & Capabilities

  • Well Drilling Methods: Reverse Circulation, Mud & Air Rotary, Cable Tool
  • Rotary & Cable Tool Drilling Rigs, Tools, Bits, Bailers, Surge Blocks, etc.
  • Well Development Rigs with High-Speed, High-Torque Sand Lines
  • Test Pumping: Submersible and Line Shaft Turbines up to and over 500Hp & 5000gpm
  • Down-Hole Color Video Cameras including Side View and DVD Recording
  • Well Rehabilitation
  • Well Abandonment/Decommissioning
  • Water Supply, Monitoring & Resource Protection Wells
  • Elevator Jack Holes, Other Holes & Construction Borings
  • Markets: Municipal, Industrial, Irrigation & Domestic
  • Numerous Support Vehicles, Trucks, Trailers, Welders and other Equipment